The Engine

of our évoRETROFIT scooters


Nostalgia meets sustainability combined with pure driving pleasure!

With our passion and our own ambition for performance and quality, évoRETROFIT was created, which embodies a conversion especially developed for the Vespa.

From combustion engine to electric scooter.

E-mobility bundled in high-quality materials, detailed replicas of the original shapes and a significantly increased performance to the petrol-engined Vespa.

The transformation of the Vespa into an electric runabout not only reduces emissions and noise in metropolitan areas, but also future operating and maintenance costs. By the way: Remaining as an original a fully dismantling is possible at any time.

No kicking, no unreliable cold start: the évoRETROFIT scooter is only ready to start at any time by turning the ignition key. No rattling, no clutch: without shifting gears during your spin, you’ll glide along with a quiet whirring of the electric motor!

Classic Vespa driving – possible for everyone!

Evo Vespa

Technical Details

3kW and thus over twice the power of the classic

40 km (possible extension to 80 km)

Uphill or downhill, alone or with passenger – your évoRETROFIT Vespa is not gonna be impressed, but you will be!

Compared to the original, from now on you’ll accelerate at the traffic lights with double the power, without using the clutch or gears. Without any disturbing noise, faster away!

Charging Time:
While you are relaxing at the cinema, in a restaurant or a beer garden, your battery is charging at the power supply and will be fully charged afterwards. Of course, you can also work on piecework with your battery in the office – you at your desk, your battery in the socket. The mobile battery with power supply unit allows easy charging at any conventional power outlet.

The évoRETROFIT scooter, with costs of less than 1€ per 100km is 80% cheaper than its fueled brother.